Monday, August 21

"on pot"

in an anxious society, an individual's mind is seldom free to perfectly attend to the present moment as one succeeds to another the stream of the present

people talk wistfully of such a possibility which if sustainable were paradise

when one's individual mind perfectly mirrored the moment as it passes ever uncluttered of itself the true mirror of the mind reflecting passing reality the presence of an aspect of reality WITHOUT FEAR OR FAVOUR APPRECIATING IT AS IT IS TAKING ITS OWN PART IN IT NATURALLY WITHOUT ANXIETY

now it is possible to take medicine which in the right circumstances can loosenb the hoold of anxiety on the mind and free it to adapt to and appreciate fully the present moment with joyous acclaim

and there are countless drugs, legal and illegal - a bias we could well do without - which complicate this process - possibly with other beneficial effects.

think on these lines marianne, and everyone, and leave the tramlines behind
hugh pll lg ic more like trolley-busd ?


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