Monday, August 21

an "original", global master...?

since it is clearly not apparent, even to so sophisticated , intelligent and interested person as marianne, i ask myself "what is special about me?" as obol that is.

i am an original "spiritual master", i.e. not one who has been inducted by a master, in a line of masters, but one on whom mastery has been bestowed "out of the blue".

the traditions which i "incorporate" are global, from all over the world, cultures various , simple and sophisticated. (previous acknowledged masters have developed in a specific human culture, and not embraced in their terminology etc all human cultures (thus jesus of nazareth in the patriarchal jewish , etc).

it is my task, as i see it, to introduce the all-at-once species-wide transformation of human mentality and behaviour - forecast in jewish and christian traditions, as in many if not most others. i lead the Way, and miraculously yet logically all follow.

in the meantime i do my family and other duties, all the time "judging and forgiving" in the light of my teachings.

i have as yet sympathisers but no disciples. I do not know the future in detail, anymore than anyone else does, but i do not expect disciples. what i expect is a mass realisation that there is only one solution to humanity's present troubles, and i present it.

like other supreme masters, i claim no credit, and seek no veneration. the transformation is all that matters.


one set of guide-lines peace, logic, love

local, global

impartial, compassionate

(pll lg ic)

one small out--of-print book PEACE ON EARTH (1996)

one introductory web-site

and i am available to anyone in peace for 12 months; after which i seek obscurity till death do us part.

thank you obol


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