Monday, August 21

Fw: times 2 lucy alexander 9th aug p.2

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Subject: times 2 lucy alexander 9th aug p.2

"In the good old days" , before the Hitler war, a maid set out the breakfast table for my aunt and uncle (and in the holidays, when at home, for their son and me, an orphaned nephew) .
They sat at opposite ends of the oak breakfast table, a stack of letters before each , The Times her end, The Daily Mail his - for her to check obituaries and possibly relevant data and tip him off, while he upped on chat to get by the business people he'd meet during the day. I do not remember any "features section". Nowadays of course, The Times covers all eventualities - though , like the unredeemed idiot i am, i check The Guardian for the opinions and reasonings of some of your former editors, etc.


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