Saturday, August 19

Re: next best

one of my problems has been to see the facts
and i always refer every item in my mental view to its total social understanding of the scene and to the infinite harmony in my own mind
keeping all together all the time
leaving trails of unique minds in touch with mine
willing and programmed to join in when their moment comes
28++ years now
not lost the paradisal union
while living amongst my fellows who know they lack it
some knowing as fully as marianne, others more fleshed out like james,
then also the cooneys
yes particularly
and fellow-oassengers in the train
and in the police station - i have sent the warrant to arrest me in 10 days if i don't do what they dictate back to the super in baltinglass
who knows me
they all do
"nothing personal"

but then i adore gaol
so easy for me these days
it's a comic turn

the fold corralling the silly sheep
buddha incarnate
obol - and you think i'm big-headed !!


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