Thursday, August 17

law courts

Mon, 7 Aug

and then in any disagreement (and i hope individuals continue to see things from each own point of view, uniquely , and therefore sometimes disagreeingly), the court however constituted seeks to discover the truth, without fear or favour, "impartially and compassionately" as i.c goes in the guideline code pll lg ic

and then to redress any imbalance that may exist. so far as non-coercively agreed. so that advantage is levelled out.....for my society is a rippling equality society, ever jumping about ever returning to rest, always lovingly and in total humility before the miracle of it all.

i propose a change in nomenclature for our paradisal stage....species name woman sapiens

divisions mulier sapiens and vir sapiens woman and man she made them but not forced down anybody's throats, joking relationships now no advantage ever kept such fun so sane so simple and works best obolworld is the name in the event would you have done better in my place ? try it for a day. xx love hugh/obol

there's a lot of suggestions in my little book PEACE ON EARTH from frankie mccready (mobile no available in my address book)


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