Thursday, August 17

Re: mother and son

i deny freewill period. an insane ego-delusion of our species, expecially in their present extremity. it is the whole and its patterning that is the wonder of wonders , and when we realise we are just intelligent puppets, it all falls into place. human hubris, human delusion. we are no more or less free than any other pattern in the whole.
so there !
and you may thank the whole divine thing that the species now experiences a divine transformation - despite even marianne mcdonald's spirited denial. we sure didn't pull this miracle. god bless us all amen

next please ?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes..god and goddess bless us all...amen and awomen.....

4:42 p.m., August 17, 2006  
Blogger obol said...

obolworld is loosely my mind matrilinear, social life centred round the newest local birth, taking the child into the family-community from conception , now born, centre of social life
not troublesomely so
dear me no
considerately always a bit nicer than the young mother ever imagined
and the child reared in paradise
to be alert and understanding as possible but in compassion, in a womb of love
such as i discovered in the trobriand islands when i was there
no illusion
but recorded and agreed and well-studied
a possibility we others now have to take as model, and all similar stone age : successes/"wombs" : our "elders" as in the Reservation james is presumably now on. amen liberty my ambassador thank you

4:43 p.m., August 17, 2006  

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