Thursday, August 24

money and power

l.'s getting back in touch, much better. she says j. wonders if i'm after to all intents and purposes i have none since 28+ years ago, and wish none. (I've refused offer to pay my fine - and save me gaol. i welcome gaol..if that is what is on offer. i experience life under the laws of territorial protection racketeers as a far more demanding prison than life inside, for me today)

i'm against money and power. i preach and teach a world society without money, power or property. a selfless society where we all possess nothing but in love tend one another and the planet...raptured by the wonder of it all.

i war against selves, individual and group selves. they are my "personal" enemy. i praised your-self, teased your-self, and then broke with your-self. you probably interpret it differently. no matter. we don't have to bother about one another particularly....except as parents of two people involved with one another in a world of power and money.

i am more than fully occupied my grandson chose to spend the night with me alone last night....exhausting only because i'm old and slow by comparison. delightful.

j. is a game player. i think you're too serious...self-perfection is, as i said, the opposite of what i believe in - which is loss of self - which cannot cannot be effected by a self . it happens now and then - and will, i believe, happen to us all , the whole species, shortly. to further that is what i consider my particular "job". we shall see (proof of pudding...)

as ever and i'm so glad l.'s better. weight off my mind. (in a world of selves, one has to care for any more or less dependent selves while at the same time seeking the end of that world and of all selves less than the SELF of It All.) feel free to feel and think of me as it occurs to you no other way


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