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it is doubtful if there has ever been a human culture which did not use drugs : humans are drug-users., primates who use discovered or man-made chemicals to induce alterations of consciousness. ( i have travelled widely, and can corroborate this statement. recently the use of such drugs by classical (greek? and ) roman writers has been researched. many if not most artists and stage-performers use them etc|)

.it is quite possible that experimentation of this sort is where humans separated from other primates (cf the garden of eden srory, indicating an extension or aberration of mind following eating a forbidden fruit....primate groups teach their young what is good to eat , like other animals; consuming mind-altering leaves or seeds etc doubtless usually would lead to disaster for primate young).

societies develop using some drugs and not others. thus "WESTERN" SOCIETY, WHERE THE EXCEEDINGLY DANGEROUS DRUGS TOBACCO AND ALCOHOL ARE LEGAL and provide revenue for their rulers.., and where other drugs traditional in other societies (and to some extent in western tradition too but not licensed or taxed) have threatened the status quo and been prohibited, leading to multi-billion criminal trades, and no understanding whatsoever. (divide and rule is the practice of all coercivre government...i repeat ..divide and rule is the practice of all coercive government).

the problem with any drug is its benign or malign use prohibition hugely handicaps the dissemination of the benign use of banned drugs. so their malign use flourishes since it is money-making to push them and there is no legal teaching of their benign use. our species was doomed to become sapient SAPIENCE OUR DESTINY

i have been studying this problem for half my life. i can teach the answer and when all have become christ drugs will scarcely be relevant at all they feature in a lost world but that world is now passing away in the illumination of return to eden sapient now.

when marianne claims that pot-smoking students in her classes are mindless, she sees absence of mind and rejects it; she may be right, she may be wrong . (is attending to her spiel vital for the student or seeing through her act and limitation ? or just dreamily recovering from something else which may or may not have been "positive"). crucial is that she , ignoant and prejudiced as she is, she CANNOT judge but thinks she can - no different from georgie w bush)

love obol c/o hugh of knockandarragh, donard, co wicklow +353 (0)45 404049 (suppressed publicly rather than debated with so far....prohibition , like the war on terror does not make for free discussion, and general enlightenment


Blogger obol said...

Subject: Re: courage

you see the pot-smokers, and you think they don't see you ? or you think your sight and mind is superior to theirs ?

--- No...just my health.

they see you, manically denying and spouting ,

--- Silly people to take my classes then.....

and they withdraw, probably not inrtelligent and experienced enough to insist on your education....i took a journey into their country long ago and have dwelt in both ever since and many others

--- They graduated.

all those who "take your classes" are silly and most people who don't . and you. i've often had occasion to remark it ....h

---Actually. Now I’m bored. You win. You have the last word. You can stay in your isolation. I second the letter my son sent you.

Please try to harm as few people as possible, particularly your family.

I have work to do and people to love.

That does not include the hate you spew.


2:57 a.m., August 24, 2006  

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