Thursday, August 17

living drama, living myth

at our first exchanges, you told me how you'd been invited to destroy the published view of hugh lloyd-jones wife, but refused because of your personal relationship, thus loading the scales slightly , diminishing the true record in favour of self, that is what wealth is all about distortion of record and reason to the degree needed by inequality and consequent self-disproportion instead of an ever-levelling process, ripples up and down from a steady "just survive for the best " equality in poverty is possible (with other and whole love prevalent harmonious), but wealth is inequality and warfare (self and owngroup-love prevalent and contentious) .

i know you know all the stuff. bring lauren bacall if you can........when i retire from public view in 12 months time, i shall be kept a place for as "you know...the man who had dinner with bacall" till i die , after hopefully a few years of trading dreadfully on my privileges......

it's so close now i wonder at all the long years of preparation for the world stage without "losing it"


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