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Fw: israeli/hizbullah war

ref. london "observer" 30 july, p.27. but it is everyone who knows me , or of me, that i beg for help in respect of raising public discussion of my case. i argue that it is both practicable and necessary. hugh

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Subject: israeli/hizbullah war

an excellent article, but please bear with me a moment....when i say : this IS another round in the conflict of good and evil - but by definition both sides are "evil". jesus of nazareth, a jewish prophet recognised by all parties as such, is very specific in the gospels : we should not only love (side , identify with) our friends, but particularly with our enemies. and this is the clear, logical solution to all such conflicts as that between israel and hizbullah. this is "good", and would work if adopted globally. this is "true love", i.e. not love of (extended) self - the root of all human conflict - but love of all that is not oneself. "look at it from the other point of view. look at yourself as the other sees you." when both sides do it, all is solved. we live in an age of extreme self-propagation - and it is true that in such an age both israel and hizbullah are "justified" by their violence, fearing the other would run over them otherwise. this is the world of (stupid) FEAR. the alternative is a world of (intelligent) LOVE. we have global intercom now, we are all human and share very similar brains: is it not the habit of self-interest that alone blocks our understanding?

dear mary riddell, i am 81, and had a fairly normal life and career , trying to make brave good choices, until nearly 29 years ago, when in despair at failing, i had a "near-death" experience. since then i have lived (as far as i could) in accordance and calculated how the species could change from selfish fear to selfless love, and it has been hard (isolation, poverty, learning all the time). i have put some of my (desperate) ideas on a website that (like most) is generally ignored (and could be greatly improved, but hardly by me now). and i have throughout begged to be investigated, for the sake of all (rather than myself, tottering along and quite happy to die any time). the logic of it all seems clear to me. debate is all i seek. disregard , and some hassle, is mostly what i get. far. i keep trying, as you see, and hope springs "eternal".

Question : can you explain to me why my ideas are not worth investigating, by people as intelligent and concerned and publicly known as yourself ?? (all combatants would find themselves in the wrong, of course - which is roughly what most people think!)


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