Monday, July 31

norman cohn: pursuit of the millennium

i value the book as much as you, but i drew a different conclusion, namely that millennial movements went disastrously wrong when , having failed non-violently (against coercive systems), they resorted to violence. i .....have no doubt there is "a single indisputable route to salvation" (for the species) , to move from self-love to other-love. e.g. in the levant, israelis would seek to understand and nurture palestinians, and vice versa. love of the whole goes with other-love, too. and "all" faiths teach it, none more clearly than the gospels. it is not logically practicable except on a global scale, which is now for the first time ever possible.

take a second look. and cease feeding the delusion that there is no simple solution, and so things will go on as usual....till we are all destroyed by the same error. this is the worst thing you could conceivably do, in my opinion, of course, far worse than preaching hate for instance, because so basic and undermining.

i have a website, pushing my own millennial solution...i'd have to, wouldn't i?, but the policeman who talked to me in the local town this morning and volunteered that he's looked at it....only said there were a lot of words there. i wait for someone to put it simply, myself too busy just keeping on & on. any reaction would be gratefully received.

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