Monday, July 31

simple solution

i've had a hectic day, but resting just now (i'm 81), the thought of the millennium re-entered my mind.'s the moment when the obviousness of it hits "everyone", that is all that's needed.

the reversal of the Fall....when humans started out on our own, using our wits to create food & shelter "over" all others, outside the established systems. fear, the need to put own survival first. self, enterprise, competition....all the qualities now (at the success end) threatening to destroy us and our enslaved fellow species.

what a lot we've the whole system of sense perception works, and what is hidden there putting on the show. the natural sciences.

now we simply switch back - as all WISDOM teaches, and all idyllic stone-age ciommunities in remote lucky places discovered long ago -- and put each other and the whole first.....all together.

ok, you doubt've not studied the idea for 28 years, bucking the trend all along. and you haven't produced a (patchy) elaborate web-site suggesting how, if others would only consider for a short while, it could work. others would work it out so much better, too. pioneering wasn't easy. so simple. so unforced. all you yourself would wish for, but despair of...?

forgive me...i do try. and i have sacrificed everything i could doing so.


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