Monday, July 31

Re: the christ-buddha in us

there is only one "team", thank god we are yoked. may you thrive. we shall see when the species least those of us who live to see the Day. immaterial to me. but i expect it "any day" expect a time in the future (as my elders did....and long in the future too) is to not believe.

the car i drove to Clare (Kali's car) was confiscated by the local gardai yesterday - i just had time for the job - but should be returned when she returns monday 7th august (as you leave - if you the light of the above, i regard even arrangements for "tomorrow" as provisional....the Day may yet be TODAY ! ) ....provided she says she didn't authorise my illegal use of it, no charge for its return apparently.

i regularly ignore all state laws which inconvenience me, being every bit as happy in gaol as out - if not more so, indeed: all provided, and change of company. the threat of gaol is idle to a free mind, now torment is not official - and one is essentially inoffensive and viable.

am alone here today, so chores to do.


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