Monday, July 31

Fw: letters to the editor 30th july eo 29th


with respect (and i have felt and expressed it often in the past) peter preston needs the rectal probe that stimulated armando iannucci's imagination so splendidly. there's a load of shit in mammon's stables - in particular those of white protestant heritage. peace needs love and logic as companions, not money. in white protestant legend, jesus spelt it out to all - and we continued in the hell of engorgement, until this day - when i spell it out to the world, via this email, my website , and my every encounter every day. check with the local garda superintendant (baltinglass), check with the irish-american heiress who funded the electornic recording of all ancient greek and ancient irish literature, check with my neighbours - or continue stuffing your own arse, peter, and knowing it, peter, every bit as guilty, in your own particular way, as bush, blair, ahern and all who live by mammon, and not by the divine truth of their own deepest understanding. (and "divine" expresses the bliss experirnced by each and every one of us when all do so, explained in each individual mind DIVERSELY no doubt. when the mind of the species discovers harmony, every cell is unique and harmoniously cooperative...a trained and experienced journalist, you will put it far better than i can. i have lived for 28 years under dual strain, and am now 81 years of age. )


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