Monday, July 31

Fw: karen armstrong, and the end of the world


if, as the intelligent and sane karen armstrong says, the biblical creation story is a timeless myth about the sanctity of the world and everything in it (a belief i share) , and the book of Revelation was a timely prophesy about the end of the babylonian captivity (during which i read elsewhere that the earlier books of the bible were probably composed), then is not the "end of the world" (as now widely feared) about the end of our 3000-year-old civilisation, whose competitive divisions surely fuelled our species' investigations into the nature of existence but are now threatening to destroy everything we hold dear ? It was according to the same bible a jewish prophet of exceptional intelligence and humanity who told us how to unite in peace, logic and love at this juncture : love our enemies as our selves and abandon the hopeless attempt to combine service of "mammon" (based on self-interest, the use of surplus to increase the holder's wealth) with service of "god" (based on a selfless sharing of every single thing we have).

i have for 28 years dedicated every moment of my life to working out the practicability of this shift, from division to unity, and been side-lined almost entirely for doing so. i have written numerous letters to the Guardian and other media seeking discussion of my views. i have published a somewhat hysterical small book (1996), and a similar web-site trying to interest my fellows. may i ask now, at this admittedly desperate juncture, when many including ms armstrong fear Armageddon may be upon us , for inclusion in the market-place of discussion - along with muslims and christians and atheists , none of whom seems to see the possibility i do ? it could transform our remarkable planet into a sapient paradise if others put a fraction of the work into it that i have..


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