Saturday, February 25

mind traps and madness

we are educated into the mind-trap of the past, still powerful though
"globalisation" (the simple fact) renders divisive loyalties obsolete.
mind-traps can be sprung, and obolworld etc is an attempt to spring
the trap in which our fellows are caught. those of us fated to escape
this trap (before the herd) may well have to experience mental
breakdown....without any obvious alternative mind-set waiting on hand
to welcome us. (i did, but was buoyed up by family and beliefs for a
long time, then, doubtless like others who stay out of the trap they've
escaped - most re-enter - my mind began constructing a viable
alternative, and precedure for transition for the herd.) at some point, hopefully
nearby now, the media will focus on this issue, and test out the viability
of obolworld....which is pliable except in the matter of NO COERCION!
(physical force may only be used to keep the peace, prevent coercion,
never to compel any other obedience). i myself have 28 years experience now
in this field, and seek to discuss all issues with others. as you
know.....i repeat myself at the risk of boredom....i can't know what issues
interest others without being told. there has to be a figurehead for the herd
to pay attention, one even president bush has to acknowledge...."christ
re-incarnate" bringing peace, gospel morality, and unity to the
species.....(just an old man, actually, but jesus was just a
carpenter's son.)..and then the prospect that, as the herd changes mind and
manners, the individuals are filled with the "mind of christ" the world of
2006: peace in Iraq instantaneous, as the entire system that nourished war
collapses....and what now? individuals and pll lg ic. sharing out on a
global scale......what say you ?

from the gulag in guantamo bay

yes, i have to report to you that we inmates here do not see everything
the way you powers of the world do. as we see it, violent anarchy to the
death now threatens to spread from iraq round the globe, a war that cuts
right across the them/us line washington sought to impose. we here would
like to tell you that as jesus christ is reported to say in the sermon on the
mount : love one another, love the whole thing, let that whole and
immediate other be your god, this is LOVE you fools my kith and kin on earth
today. it makes sense at this crisis in our history : "RELIEF" - that that
whole scene is over, we can start again simply and cooperatively, keeping
the peace, helping one another, keeping what's necessary going - "in
touch" with one another and reality - "learnt what we needed as god'd
stewards to know -= ready for the new role, yessir !"

as we start discussing the society of the future, energy and optimism
return.....the entire concept of humans being in control is a FALLACY,
neither desirable nor in accordance with the evidence....

the happiest day of my life, it seems to me now, is the day
people generally begin debating the nature of the optimal society of our
future........and that DAY is already seemingly dawned !"""""""!

it's like...

it's like helping the cat out of the door.she wants to go, you want her
to go, but the door is shut and you have to open it, and the cat does
not want to feel the toe of your boot in its backside at the crucial moment
of entering the jungle of the yard. on the other hand you don't want to
stand there, nor - even worse, - to witness her turn round in panic at the
last moment, and flee upstairs... zen is doing it right, on each
occasion, even as one makes error after error.

iraq : it was the attempted make-over by a degraded, inferior,
cruder culture that happened to have a military advantage and was seeking
regional power bases , that the honour of the iraqi people, their tribal,
religious, arabic-speahung, islamic , personal honour will never take.
americans should welcome something in these others they honour in