Wednesday, August 17

FOLLOWING UP 4: Affirmations

heaven on earth
the sapient paradise
is not an illusionary dream

but our present reality

ever present in the logic of it all
at this particular point
in astro time/history

"implicit in the design
at every point or stage"

does that mean Loving
Intelligence somehow

behind the whole
puppet show

or simply Incarnate
ever here & now
never lonely
ever in love
pilgrims all

it's this wonder
of living in the present
in the knowledge and love
of the Whole Thing

nothing can diminish it

all are caught up in the spell

humanity's ghastly history closed
for ever: the book of the past

this is obolworld
on planet asphodel

where peace & logic & love
are taken for granted

the countenance divine
one's true self all around


in wisdom we unite


My problem is not how to be much like that myself, in my own particular way ,but by what process our entire species is experiencing the transfer from worldliness of the normal sort to unworldliness of delightful maturation all together, "now" - in your time as well as mine, in our time - so present is this occurrence - and understand - since understanding , and selfless love, agape, are the cosmic items so wondrously born to reign in some and now all of us - understand how it makes sense of everything, and unites us now in a sane, necessary and perfectly reasonable and practical common "voluntary" activity of caring for one another and the planet, while finding our hearts and minds filled with ....well, my catchwords are peace, logic and love (i.e. non-violence, reason and goodwill in other terms) local and global (i.e. consider the consequences, importance of our each and every act for us all as well as for the present scene) impartial and compassionate (i.e. what non-attached minds necessarily are, if not dangerously mad). These are what the world esteems but regards as impractical. And so they almost are in a society where they are not predominant, but in one where they predominate, all is changed for the better. My "job", as i experience it (and can reduce to a phrase, ...with the obvious risk, as in all words, of being branded with a reductive iron), is , having experienced an extreme and happy transcendence myself (death to the world in my head as around) and remained true to it, to explain our species-metamorphosis to my fellows, so that you all can come to terms with it in your own minds, and then the younger ones will inherit a happy and promising inheritance from us older ones, who will hopefully gently die off, having been despite ourselves crucial to the whole affair.


What i believe is that my ideas have to be part of the human social understanding, the common discourse, like the gospels, copernicus, darwin , einstein,gandhi, also obol. I rate them in that lot, even perhaps beyond...since I'm talking about the central change in the history of the species, the maturation into an imago state, etc. I estimate that it will take only a year for this to happen, once the ice is broken, and then others will make of them whatever they do , and I shall be released. It should, in my opinion, be ever so much more wonderful than anyone can anticipate. You seem to me to regard this from inside the refrigerated pack, when to me it's red-hot. I know I use words like "solution" and that I'm insistent on a mental and social catastrophe, in the scientists' sense of the word. What's more. it seems to be happening...the social and environmental structure is ripping apart all over. I , in my turn, understand from where I'm at, that you from where you seem to be, that is not having experienced the change in the head, necessarily don't get it. It's the problem I've lived with for 28 years, integrating all aspects of the human dilemma, finding myself endlessly misunderstood....and then THAT can be pigeonholed, too...."misunderstood!!" It isn't even that I can expect recognition after death, I fight on supposing, rightly or wrongly, that the comprehension is only inside my brain and body while alive....and that the time is NOW. Immediate and demanding in that sort of way, so far unsatisfied., assuming always that every item, every pattern is necessarily contributory to the wonder of risk another misconstruction.....-christ obol alive amongst us , in me for pity's sake, and simply bringing peace and sanity , and all the virtues, including joy, to a deeply trouble dearth.I'm putting this exchange on my blogsite, which virtually no one studies so far virtually no one studies it .....the perhaps most important site on earth, apart from this house in knockandarragh, where the amazing record of obol is stored, both dead and alive......everything else is being studied, just not the key to the earthly paradise no, no not that . love Hugh


Q. what chance of "something like obol" ?? i can't see any. the world has me, it has fashioned me, i'm linked in at every point, no point presents me with more difficulty, or ease, than any other - violence excluded, and i seem able to neutralise that, it doesn't reach me any more, etc. the world is me as much as i am the world. we are as the dot in the yin-yang symbol to the surrounding contrast. the time is perfect. it's perfectly simple, simplicity perfect, -- and in my head (the human brain is the most complex small structure known to science) it is "infinitely" more adequately contained and organised than in the endless messages i have uttered, -but they largely exist (in your file as well as some others), and my house is a museum of the training period of the past 28 years, as well as rooted in its past and mine/ours. (And i suffer agonies for my children, just as others do, at this time as much as any other - as well as not doing so....there are 2 i-structures in my head, as i have said, tho with little reference back. everyone's children have their particular problems, but mine are specifically bound up with my training for this job, which they can never explain to protecting me with their janus-positions, buta lso entombing me.......early on i was twice seriously warned it was no job for a family man, but that is precisely what it is in the event.) forgive me, as i so often say (it is to forgive oneself...) love hugh