Friday, July 15

paragraph 16
(paragraph 16th and last)


"Would you engage, sir or mam with me before the cameras on
Q. What is or is not Reality?
R. ?

Non-violently, I shall soon understand you, and we will become friends -- except that i can do the same in infinite positions, non-violence conceded. That’s the Trick! Try me and see…….well, we have to get going some time, you know….what about making a start ??,,,i can be ever so friendly universal brother and sister hood conceded. In provisional acceptance of the principles pll lg ic till fully understood and instinctive….the urge to perfection !!!!!!! the habit of perfection the accompanying inconceivable increase in the wisdom of the species, as we find our souls in service of the infinite miracle of understanding love now fully unfolding in our funny weird carcases at this time. a united mind in billions of interdependent cells a power for the good of species and planet barely ever conceived….but now we have some idea of the problems of optimal survival from here on this planet, and united in the miracle of union overtaking us as i type we shallso enjoy and delight in saving and restoring planet asphodel’s natural fullest glory, and maintaining a paraDISAL HOME FOR THAT WHICH IS BORN IN US , the knowledge and love of the true divinity of it all. Amen obol

paragraph 15
(paragraph 15)

this is the restoration of the sight to people high and low, medium and irregular, we all are freed to see, as the system officially and publicly abdicates -- before the cameras at Cranagh Castle as i have long suggested and broadcast, thus preparing the minds, whatever you may say….Our minds now enter a period of self-correction, taking and giving guidance to each other across all divides freely, till it all appears as it is in the reality of obolworld "just a game" a pageant in which we re-learn our ways of thought and act, inventing (ie discovering ) the sapient earthly paradise as we go….or long after i go, for certain, for i only hope for six more years anyway hugh seer of seers knockandarragh donard, co wicklow

paragraph 140
(paragraph 140)

Seers see and always have seen (in terms of their society’s understanding) the horrific price humanity (and humanity is only the central act in the suffering of all nature, of Gaia, to give her a name) has to pay for the existence – and reign -- of INTELLIGENT LOVE in this particular solar system. Huge numbers of their fellows cannot bear to see it—their martyrdom we read on their faces. Essentially, these seers know and always have known that , when the price is fully paid (and despair near-universal) , the cause and justification of all the suffering would suddenly become apparent to all….IN ALL. It has been anticipated that the general enlightenment would be "led" as it were by one of them, the one who fitted the logic of the whole thing at that point. His name is OBOL . He introduces obolworld on planet asphodel, leading a PAGEANT in which all are invited to join, NON-VIOLENTLY. He asks now, anyone or more of you who encounter(s) these words, and checks this blogsite, WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?

One more check you can make: when I left Trinity College Dublin I published in the College’s learned in-house magazine HERMATHENA AN ESSAY on Wolfgang Hildesheimer’s official visit to the Dublin Universities which happened in my last term. In him I recognised a true SEER for the first time in my life, his face stricken with horror as he gazed at US, his last chance saloon, as , in other words but extensively and I found with conviction, he described his public talks in Dublin on his understanding, practice and abandonment of the vocation of artist……..people too far gone to get any message of actual truth. I know he experienced some relief from my recognition of his position because he liked my essay and commented "this is the sort of literature I can still read" . But to this day when I call it to general attention, few if any others have accepted what he was on about…... Hugh Sacker, back in 1975/6 perhaps. "See you soon!" obol

Wednesday, July 13

paragraph 13
(paragraph 13)
Yesterday I thought I might finish writing this blog , at least for the time being, but checking through what I wrote, and scanning the news in today’s (London) Times, it as apparent to me that at least one more "paragraph" is needed before taking a break. (Paragraph 13, composed on 13th July!) I would emphasise, however, that what surfaces here, surfaces from not only a life-time of observation and thought, but especially from a quarter-century of newly reconsidering everything without exception as it comes to my attention, watching not only how it appears to my contemporaries, but at the same time how it fits into a rational, utopian viewpoint. This unceasing double-take has taxed my strength to the limit, and I cannot possibly do it justice in a limited presentation. What follows is what follows, nothing more. To do my situation justice, my fellows have to check me out thoroughly, not simply scan my words to see where they fit or do not fit with their own presuppositions. What I say on any subject derives necessarily from only partial knowledge, and needs to be refined by all other individuals who encounter it from the knowledge available to them in their particular position. Together we enter the earthly paradise, accepting guidance only so far as it is acceptable to each one, compulsion -- human compulsion that is -- being in obolworld a thing of the past.

An example, in all probability, is my sense of automatism. I suspect that, after a mind clearance such as I experienced 28 years ago, the sense of automatism that is known to occur on these occasions, would in contemporary society be feared as dangerously psychotic : freed of socially imbued constraints, an individual may feel afraid, and strike out psychopathically. But I felt paradisally peaceful and full of joy and "positive" energy, and this spread for a considerable time to my young family, for instance clearing health problems that had been troubling us. My one concern was to do nothing to upset this, while trying to discover the attendant conditions. I can recall events from that early period, but unfortunately the failure of my ideas to spread quickly, and my perseverance in giving them their chance, led to great hardship subsequently for us as a family, and my wife died of breast cancer some 15 years later. So her memory of those days is lost -- and unsubstantiated memories are always liable to error, the human mind being not only the most intricate known item in the cosmos, but also the least trustworthy. Nevertheless my experience leads me to hypothesise that, given a deep attachment to goodness, a "psychotic" mind clearance may well be a "divine" rather than "diabolic" event, and subsequent automatism a blessing rather than a curse. Everything depends on a society living in "peace, logic and love", rather than in conflict, confusion and fear.

The possibility of species transcendence was much in vogue in the sixties of the last century, and I was well educated both academically and by experience and travel. So my mind naturally considered what had happened and its consequences from every point of view. It was unattracted by the possibility that these events were a one-off, and concerned not only not to lose the benefits so unexpectedly vouchsafed, but also to consider their possible relevance to my children and children’s children. (My wife and I had entered a partnership, on her unexpectedly becoming pregnant a few years previously, to attempt to rear our children ideally. I had myself for instance visited the Trobriand Islands, as well as other societies that were then acknowledgely paradisal, and read extensively everything possibly relevant -- and of course I had been reared, as had she, in the knowledge of the christian gospel, which was clearly utopian in aspiration. And I had been much impressed by A.S.Neill’s free school. Our first child we called Laotse, in tribute to the ancient chinese classic tao te ching attributed to the sage LaoTse, who teaches a non-worldly simplicity and sense, and so on.) The result was that my mind was forced logically to consider the possibility that it is in my (wholly natural) person that "christ" had been reborn, to fulfil the best prophesies of our species. Then that same spirit of compassion and understanding recorded in his case would inevitably come to reign in us all. It was easy to suppose that what an earlier age had considered miraculous now yielded to our best understanding as natural, impossible to anticipate the difficulties that lay ahead for my family. Had I done so, I do not for one moment believe I should have accepted them, and so this present challenge to my fellows would not have come into existence -- for good or ill. Today I take that as one more example of the wonder of the logic of it all -- and most sincerely hope that my family’s isolation and social sufferings are near the end, with beneficial consequences for both species and environment. The proof of the pudding, as I have frequently commented in these difficult years, is in the eating. We shall see. And there I leave it for the moment, repeating only that it would be ever so much easier for me at least if I could discuss all this with interested parties rather than struggling to type into an unconcerned machine.

Tuesday, July 12

paragraph 12
(paragraph 12)
So I have made my pitch once again, seeking to arouse the interest of others in ideas appropriate to humanity’s present dilemma. It will be, on Bastille Day 14th July, exactly 9 years since a friend helped me publish a book (largely of letters) entitled "Peace on Earth", which I hoped would find its way into every home on earth as "users’ manual and text-book" for the maturation of the species. Immediately it was warmly welcomed and I myself extensively interviewed on the internationally awarded arts programme of a local near-Dublin radio (East Coast Radio 30th July ad 1996), and I fondly imagined follow-up. Not a bit of it. Whether because it normally takes more consistent propaganda to find an audience for any book these days, or because of hidden conservative pressure (the presenter lost her job shortly afterwards and, although since then established on Ireland’s national broadcaster RTE, has been careful not step out of line the same way twice), or any combination or extension of such obstacles, the book flopped. So for over a quarter-century my ideas have gone largely unheeded. This is of course a long time in one individual life -- and has caused my family great difficulty -- but no time at all in human, let alone planetary or cosmic history. I note that Charles Darwin kept his revolutionary ideas to himself for a similar length of time, fearful of being too far in advance of the thinking of his fellows. And I wonder if, during those years of reticence, his mind did not get accustomed to the novelty he was proposing, so that when he finally published "The Origin of the Species" its phrasings were perhaps more measured and mature than possible earlier. Certainly I have been extremely excited at times during the past 28 years, and am less so now. My own end cannot be all that far off, and my ability to debate and defend my ideas could well be nearer still; if my fellows do not respond now -- despite whatever shortcomings they may find in my presentation -- and discover whether their understanding is not greatly enhanced by consideration of my position, then there will be little more I can do about it.

As I stated in paragraph 2, my preference is for personal visits of any or all who are seriously interested and peaceful and normally considerate. I have a large garden (tents?), there are guest-houses, and buses to Dublin, -- and the whole Glen of Imaal where I live is largely empty should hundreds or thousands arrive with genuine interest. The local police have been kept in touch throughout, and during the long years of waiting I have sketched out plans for developments on both a local and global scale ("Pageant Asphodel"). Bob Geldof’s hopes and ideals are nothing in comparison. Neither he nor anyone I have heard of has thought the whole human dilemma through the way I have. Initially, 28 years ago, I naturally expected others to join with me in thinking and working it all out. That did not happen, and I continued in an isolation that for many years bitterly increased. More recently there seems to be a thaw, I certainly hope so.
At this stage help is what I need, the more the better. It is fairly easy for me to answer emails on my ageing computer -- – but the blog-site is new to me, and I am old. Visits are best. Our species is at present rushing down the wrong road full-speed ahead, like the Titanic. Consider me a minor navigator on the boat, with time, and sense, to urge a change of course. And, finally, bear in mind my conviction that this changed course may be "written in our stars". I certainly hope so.

Sunday, July 10

paragraph 11

So people want a new global vision, but not one (in the event) which upsets their presuppositions or their present security: 0thers may have to undergo radical reform, but not "us". One presupposition which in my view will have to go is that of human free-will. This underlies our entire western system. If there is no free-will, then there is no individual responsibility, and the entire culture of guilt, blame and -- let it be said --self-righteousness falls. We are as ants, plants, or molecules. Part of the cosmic pattern, cogs in the machine, obedient to the logic of it all in every aspect of our lives. That this is so, I have no doubt.

Modern science reveals the intricate workings of the entire system, and to presume that we are somehow uniquely free to decide what we think or do is typical human hubris. I am sure that, were one to view humanity from"above", with sufficient intelligence to see it all -- as monotheists believe god does -- , we should see perfect logic at every point. Given the knowledge of all circumstances, every thought, feeling and action occur as they must.. Nothing could be different from what it is. Given our actual imperfect knowledge, the future is never perfectly predictable, the pResent never perfectly intelligible. Nevertheless, it is possible to accept that all is perfect as it is, at every point. What occurs may not suit our prejudiced ideas, there is suffering, both physical and mental, but "seen from above" everything is in order.

So long as humanity is riven with internal dissension and our future seemingly insecure, it is clearly difficult for people to accept that allis perfect. But the moment we conceive that our troubles have been a necessary item in the creation in the cosmos of the wonder of intelligent love, of loving intelligence, we can see the possibility of acceptance. And if, as I believe, the present time is ripe for our species to transcend its past divisive half-understanding and unite in optimal behaviour --with the accompanying general healing that logically co-incides with this transcendence -- general acceptance of the wonder of the cosmos may readily be anticipated.

According to much of our fundamental mythology, humanity departed from the natural acceptance of the rest of life on this planet at an early stage, when we first began asserting ourselves and testing everything out. It is worth noting here that "sapience" derives from a latin word meaning"tasting".....we have been "tasting" or trying out from early on. My thesis is that now, at long last we discover truth -- and consciously re-enter the automatic order of nature, as the only "knowing" species on the planet. Nor is this "our" doing, but something the logic of the cosmos forces on us.To accept our non-autonomy at this stage is to re-enter paradise, sapient at last. And our task to cherish the rest of life on the planet, and the understanding and love in our hearts and heads. Together. In harmony. Humbly. Willy-nilly. Amen. May we at least discuss it? For 28 years I have been waiting so to do. That too I presume is perfect in its necessity -- much of our scientists' understanding of the workings of everything has been acquired in this time. My contribution perhaps caps it all. Throughout I have felt it "automatic".

paragraph 10

The response of the British leadership to the recent bombings has predictably been "we will defend our way of life, no violence will deterus". All sane people will sympathise with this, and it is why I have never tried violence to draw attention to my own position. Over 20 years ago, gently mocking my millennial notions, friends gave me a copy of Norman Cohn's excellent book "Pursuit of the Millennium" (Paladin), which traces utopian cults throughout christian history and, to my mind, conclusively demonstrates that, the moment that in frustration the utopians tried violence, they delivered themselves into the hands of the prevailing non-millennial powers. Violence is a sure way of drawing attention to even a peace-loving cause, but not of its finding acceptance. Any victory will itself be tainted, and fundamentally no improvement on what went before.

Nevertheless, the claim of territorial governments to the unique right to use violence when they see fit is no longer either logically or practically sustainable. Our species as a whole appears to me, as to many, bent both on self-destruction and on destruction of its life-giving environment. All other previous and contemporary civilisations and human cultures have disintegrated or are visibly disintegrating. For our present western leaders to vow to defend the way of life they represent to the bitter end is in these circumstances blind folly. As a supposedly sapient species, we reveal remarkable pig-headed idiocy with regard to our traditional ways of social thought and behaviour. The image of being unable to see the wood for the trees presents itself: caught up inside our problems, we fail to see the whole affair.

If in these circumstances I maintain that global mayhem will increase, very likely exponentially, until people in general come to terms with their own failure of vision -- and, forgive me, pay attention to the vision vouchsafed in the event to me -- the only vision I have any evidence of offering a logically satisfying solution to the species-wide dilemma, I crave forgiveness and understanding. Recently, to pass the time, I have been reading Bertrand Russell's pamphlet "Political Ideals" (Unwin 1963,though originally published in the USA 1917 -- with conclusions of which I do not incidentally agree), and I was much entertained by his witty remarks inthe fourth chapter on "Individual Liberty and Public Control" -- on the extreme rarity of original thinking, and the near impossibility of such thought finding recognition in the life-time of the thinker. The problem for me has been from the start that, if a visionary of my calibre fails to find recognition until dead, history and logic suggests that his followers will then reconstruct his message to comply with prevailing models, and in the long run nothing much will change. It is therefore both because of the immediate global need, and because when I am dead I shall be unable to arguemy case, that I continue to press for attention, for investigation, here and now. And that is enough for the moment, in response to the London bombings.

Saturday, July 9

paragraph 9

I realise that I owe my friends lots of apologies: I can't help myself, and seldom have the head/social space to apologise for discourtesy and downright rudeness. I suppose that, if my position weren't both fragile and extreme, it could be possible to be considerate always. Sorry. Also I'm not sure how much I go over and over the same ground. Recently, coming across stuff I wrote years ago, it seemed so to me. I hope there is a spiral effect.

I find it a great wonder that a fertile planet like ours should exist at all in the cosmos of the physicists: its very existence could be enough for us to rejoice. Even as we despoil it, we discover more about it: discovering and disrupting have long gone hand in hand. It is surely time now for this pattern to change.
An even greater wonder in the physicists’ cosmos is the existence of loving intelligence (or intelligent love - I emphasise understanding as well as deep affection -): again the very existence of such a thing (even if only here and there, in some of us some of the time) gives reason for hope and joy.

It is possible, and for 28 years I have steadfastly believed it (another remarkable thing?), that this phenomenon of Intelligent love will suddenly, and soon, overcome our entire species - and we shall no longer care about ourselves, human life, our culture as we know it, even our relatives and friends and fellows the way we do now (bordering at least on self-idolatry), but will find we co-operate selflessly for the nurture of intelligent love on the fertile planet which is at least its local home.
Then we might, for instance, seek to live less long and in less numbers -- for the sake of the wonders we are
caught up in: servants not masters; humble not proud, etc. It may be that then we shall be convinced that an "extra-cosmic" Intelligent Love exists to which the intelligent love in us responds, as the mystics more or less everywhere relate.

But I doubt very much whether this belief, or any other can profitably be maintained before the transcendence I (have experienced and) imagine. That transcendence is reported by mystics, and experienced by me as requiring the loss of attachment to all previous values: a state of total despair, accepted as the end-state of human vanity. In experiencing both the criminal follies of our leaders and news-makers today and the bewildered confusion of my family and friends (and myself in so far as one of them), I register hope that such defeat and despair is near at hand. Then the function of my (unanticipated but accepted) pilot role of the past 28 years may become clearer to others than so far to me: the sketching out of an ideology that can help the species unite and enter its mature "imago" stage.