Friday, June 30

Fw: "the meaning of life ?" (T2 today) - Pah !


what is life ? is the question. i suggest :

composed of groupings in the patterning of sub-atomic energies and/or particles , we resemble waves : 3D patterns rippling in Time from one imaginary instantaneous set to the next , interacting pattern masses - in which astonishingly in us awareness and understanding have arisen.

as often said before, the meaning ot it all is IT :

"wonder at IT , wonder at your own wonder , lose thought for yourself in IT : learn, oh learn to SEE , and stop wasting time and energy asking ignorant, foolish questions !"

the liberation

when next i visit cloverhill, i visit as christ incarnate & recognised , with adequate media coverage , and i set all in my cosmopolitan wing this exemplary task :

distinguish the potentially violent among you - go on point out and confess, confess and be recognised , hear the evidence impartially & compassionately , the only way as prisoners should know , and conspire together to guard all from possible violence , while leaving all as much freedom to be good as consistent with complete security. all societies clearly have this as their , our , first task : to save our fellows and so our selves from inter-human violence, so that very soon it simply never occurs amongst us , and we live as well as we can in peace, and love for the wondrous life on this planet, so that our life is understanding and loving life, not its dark counterpart (with which we have had considerable historical acquaintance - but no more !).

economy is ecology now

in obol's world :

as a species we seek to cohabit this planet with the other species on the easiest , least demanding of terms :

collaboration: mutual welfare common good intelligent love

then we shall find the other species providing us ever varyingly with the simplest and best :

conspiring together intelligently diversely at every point of time & place , not counting the days : the heaven incarnate of planet asphodel


Wednesday, June 21

the difference between us

just do not experience the normal man's anxiety. i'll tell you why this is. it's logic and morality. if you have these - not one, but both - all experience is educational delight , in which your path is simplest, clear , and blest.

that last judgment

Littly, you were present , of course , though you may not , or little remember , at the first opening Last Judgment i called, for the 21st June ad 1978, nine months into first year of obol , after our visit to Pondicherry , at Gillies's home, Cranagh Castle, just 28 years ago. In preparation i had reduced to zero my debts and credits , and i was determined from then on never again to work for money . i had practised institutional living , flourished in, and turned away from it , and i had done well as a gambler (of my pension) on the fastest calculable market available to me in the world, the London Metals Market (on which a gambler only had to put down one tenth of his stake, and the broker sold out the moment that tenth was lost), and i had turned away from that too. Neither option made it possible for me to join the mother of our children in our pact, our partnership to attempt the ideal rearing of children, far freer than that of our own society , more like that i had witnessed in the Trobriand Islands on a visit some few years before. by then the experimental alternative societies of the 1960s were everywhere in disarray, and we found our family of 2 adults and 2 children isolated and threatened with poverty in a land where our own language was normal but we lacked family and social affiliations - and now alternative experimenters like ourselves were having it tough. In these circumstances i was reasonably distraught, and so i assume was Alma, and eventually on perhaps the 23rd of september ad 1977 i thought i was dying, my mind closed down as in death , my heart stopped - but i did not collapse as expected, my feet had just reached the top of a slight incline, and as i stumbled , my feet tottered downhill , and it seems the jolting restarted my heart , blood flowed to my brain - and believing myself dead, i was gently pleased to find there was an after-life, and it began where the other left off , and look, yes, there were the 2 black horses and the excellent barrel-top waiting to carry me off....Only the understanding gentleman travellers gave me a cup of tea, and led me homewards, and perhaps that night i said to Alma after you two were asleep, i see no option now but to become a "guru", a spiritual teacher. and when she went to bed explicitly leaving it up to me, i put some old ivory (or bone ?) beads i had bought when in Agra with her round my neck, and dedicated my life to changing the world to make it suitable for the ideal rearing of children (since i had proved to my satisfaction that as at present organised it was not). The next morning all four of us woke up in paradise here and now. During the next 9 months we travelled carefully at first (so as to not offend the natural environment, with which i entered a series of rituals of total commitment) , but then by Concorde to Bahrein, and by Air India to Bombay, thence by a super business-men's jet to Madras, and so to our family friend Bobby's in Pondicherry. All the time i proclaimed my message, and spent lavishly, till we quite ran out of money and returned to settle remaining affairs here - in preparation for that opening of obol's Last Judgment.

Littly, on getting up (ie coming down) this morning, i penned a very few words concerning one aspect of the "Process of Redemption", in which i have found myself logically and inevitably involved - in consequence of the foregoing events :-

the "purpose" or "aftermath" of my Judgment - lasting so far 28 full years this Tuesday midnioght - is universal mutual forgiveness - a necessary & obvious & logical pre-condition for a new, paradisal accommodation on this planet ,

and Littly, in a note underneath, i have scribbled :-

the Judgment is simply my history of non-recognition, the story or account of the failure of my fellows even to investigate my claims and put them to their fellows, i.e. the measure of individual & collectiver inability to see through the eyes of a living christ-buddha.

that's all for now, i had to get that off my chest, been crotchety all day as your siblings can testify. Impi told me you'd put my "Fathers' Day" email on the site, so too i thought this follows on. ... i did wonder to Joan (who visited Cranagh briefly with Rab that Day, and indeed Linda was present throughout) if news of my presence on my 81st might wipe football off the screens ..!!.. she thought that an excellent idea - and is indeed very supportive. lots of love to you all, and as always may see yous sooner than you

Sunday, June 18

a yearning to forgive

tis "fathers' day" according to my calender, on which i was recording a motive force for good, associated in my mind with christ as reference point , which surfaced in my mind this sunday morning while composing a reply to carol sulter's piece on child rape in today's observer : the vital force , a ... yearning ..... to forgive .... all the evil in the world .

Fw: religiously speaking

nothing , or everything , can be said of the deity : no linguistic/mathematical "this or that"s apply : beyond our understanding..

but the mature human species does now appear to be the location of testable linguistic/mathematical knowledge/understanding of the cosmos.

and with this maturity (sapience acquired) , it is surely reasonable to expect us to re-discover humility, and love of cosmos and deity.

my (testable) hypothesis is that, then, this planet will be our heaven on earth : a sapient paradise of love.

Thursday, June 15

Fw: the inherent justice of the universe


dear Bel, forgive me if i intrude. you write so well, and i agree
almost totally with your reply to the insane L.S. today, especially of
course "real love puts the self last". But that seems to apply , nowadays, only
between human individuals (when at all). Our divided religions are perhaps
to blame. Our potential global unity , and common natural dilemma , may
show hope.

My conviction is that our selflessness as a species has to regard
the universe as the other, perfectly logical and supreme , which is
always right, creating everything , and which will reward us (as a species
and individually ) as we learn its inherent logic , and love it.
Christ expressed this in the language of his day as love god and love your
fellows "as your self". You see we do not "see" our own selves, we only see the other, the mirror image of our self. Love that, writ small and large, and our self
will blossom, indeed transform into our soul. To see at best only the
other of our kind is the idiocy underlying L.S. and her entire society.

It is not her special fault, but her society's --and that apparent
"fault" like all others, is surely part of the excellent logic of it all -
which may lead to a new and more wonderful era than ever before, an era when
humanity is mature in wisdom as well as in cunning. Is this where our present
global breakdown is leading ? Hubris, the hubris of our species , is the
problem, appearing in myriad forms, never more extreme than today. We appear
to ourselves so cunning. Maybe such extremism precedes bouleversement.

Our survival (not mine, at 80) may depend on it. I do not believe
it is within our control , but the (blind?) universe's. "blind", - or are we the mind in the universe? totally controlled,
totally wondrous.

forgive me.
with respect , and apologies that my ordering of my thoughts is
poorer than
yours, sincerely.,
hugh sacker,


as i say , forgive me, and also my poor power of expression, so
unlike yours - sincerely,

Sunday, June 11

watch out !

"never take the absent-mindedness of the absent-minded for
granted......there may be a lurking intelligence there, watching you
do so.
" freed of care, the elderly have a wealth of experience
to draw upon as we slow down........for the good of all, as a parting
gift, u no....the better way of doing things .....

the constrainment of violence


1. the constrainment of violence

a General Amnesty - the liberation of all prisoners , the pardoning
of all offences - has to be reciprocal .
victims have to pardon their victimisers, as well as in a way vice
versa .
all is forgiven ; praise and blame, reward and punishment are no
more .
but violence will not be tolerated : we who participate in obolworld
all make that the foundation stone of peace and sanity on planet

the poverty requirement

pll lg ic

blinded by partiality, you cannot appreciate the wondrous patterning
of the whole, or only intermittently. that is why jesus said the wealthy
young man had to give everything away ... if he wanted the full experience.
mrs thatcher was 180 degrees out when she pronounced wealth-creation a
christian duty : infinite satisfaction is ever present to the
impartial and compassionate living soul.

drugs, again

when adam and eve ate of the forbidden fruit, their eyes were opened
to separateness : the objective , "subject/object" view. all the rest
follows. now, the other end, we eat of the forbidden fruit , and
our eyes are opened to the unity, the identity of subject and object in
holy, sacramental unity. the intervening period was our education. in
front lies our maturity. this is the last world cup. sport for
sport's sake in obolworld.
says obol

criteria of relevance

pll lg ic

l o g i c ( in obolworld indivisible from peace and love, the trinity
of illumination )depends on assessments of criteria of relevance.

"in essence" there is only disagreement about relevance when , as in
a divided global society , sub-loyalties distort our natural
impartiality, our divinely compassionate natural impartiality - the cement which
binds us all on this planet together, both man and bird and beast , and all
that liveth , the body of life on earth, our own living sacred body, the
abode of wisdom for a while, the living temple of love.


confession of obol

after my break-out in late september a.d. 1977 ,
i whizzed around till i could whizz no more.

then society squeezed me, as so many others ,
killed my wife

and changed my life .

i resemble a spring coiled and coiled ,
and provided with perfectly controlled escape mechanisms .

"power" , for goodness sake .

dear giles frazer, i agree so much with you piece in todays is years since i denounced pastor robert dunlop for preaching spare
the rod and spoil the child in the baptist manse estate-type church near
kilcullen founded by an immigrant banker converted by the preacher, -
though i was miraculously spared abuse myself virtually all my life. orphans
live in trepidation.

i had started a piece when i remembered seeing your outrage next
to max hasting's verdict on bush, blair, rumsfeld - and goldsmith. not
that i would let off soldiers more than anyone else. in every case there
exist extenuating circumstances; in judgment one must be impartial and compassionate ... every time ... nostraque culpa is the only
acceptable plea. meaque culpa. nostraque culpa.

i'm sure no selfless heart and mind disagrees with my guide-lines,
nor with my interpretation of the wondrous life ahead for us all...but a
confident, selfless , independent intelligence is hard to find....or so i have
found. so many nearly, almost to the point, but risk all they won't.
we're reared in cowardice....centuries of the whip. and as it per--haps
retreats, they victimise remaining oddballs whose behaviour the self-righteous
have failed unforgiveably to supervise , as they have failed and do fail
to supervise our own these grow up safe to do good, and
not rewarded any way, just ridiculed good-naturedly for attempting evil. "evil" will be childish, and so easily outgrown. i've stayed in
the trobriands still under preservation protection , i know how
wonderful community life can be. the best mannered adults i have ever met,
and the freest, best loved children. don't talk to me of human irrelevant issue in the whole order of things. i'm not fond of
narcissism, nor of individual or group (divisive) self-righteousness. or rather,
i roam the globe seeking them out - to test my strength - for they shall
remain at best as gleams in the child-eye, not positive for global sanity.

my daughter got your address off the web, and i've posted a despatch
to you. you may phone. forgive me, like others
in christ
hugh of knockandarragh

Monday, June 5

Free Will falls victim to Ockham's Razor

entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem and in making
sense of it all, we have to cut away any concepts that don't stand up to
external analysis. we shall find life ever so much smoother without the
stumbling block of individual or group responsibility.......all divisions are
50/50 mirror images.....all is all and ever more shall be so .

the world cup

the world cup ye may have with you for ever and ever , but me
ye have only a very few years at most.

re-focus your attention refocus your public's attention. for
the moment nothing compares for a story maybe nothing ever has or
ever will...... " obol / hugh "


characteristically, drugs have the chemical power to change an
individual's mental "set", his outlook of mind , from/to self / family / tribe /
profession / confession / species / bio-life / cosmos & deity, etc .

since our own, globally prevailing societies licence alcohol and
tobacco, these drugs may harm individually , necessitating increased state
activity , but collectively are harnessed for tribal solidarity and
competitiveness. :

in a world of similar (the world i exist to overthrow .

therefore, drugs which exceed the positive mind-blowing capacity of
alcohols and tobaccos, such as hashish , cocaine and opium, tend to break the
tribal fears & loyalties, the collective dependency , of individuals
and groups using them. hence their Prohibition, and Positive Nuisance
Value : remember Adam and Eve ! - we now return to the paradise of our
animal nature, knoledgeable and wise at last. in peace .

Whitsun / Pentecost ad 2006 / eo 29th

I call upon all people everywhere to experience this coming of the
Spirit of Holiness , filling our hearts and minds with loving selfless
intelligence , with compassionate WISDOM . West Wicklow has not looked so inviting for a millennium or o , and my garden is a delight. o come all ye
faithful , joyful and triumphant, come ye to : - "The Pesent", my family
home and model paradise.

only man is vile

Littly, we are enjoying a superb heat-wave, following the most
beautiful late Spring / early Summer anyone remembers. Stephen, Libby and
moi-meme are here, with everything we need - except good company. Kali
enjoyed a visit from Friya's uncle Anthony's lovely girl-friend yesterday ,
making up for an unprovoked vicious phone-call she received from Jay's father's
presently separating girl-friend's mum in Ranelagh. Impi is helping
Chupi and Siobhan out in Dublin over half each week, and only waiting for
the end of that. And i added to the back of an envelope addressed to Jim
Nolan, subsequently left in Kay Kelly's hands before P.O. opening time,
something like : -

Give him the poison cup ! treachery, disloyalty, Socrates ! - my
ideas undermine the entire way of life & thought of "my own lot" : those
among whom i live with my offspring and whose support keeps us alive !

then back here i added on a sheet of refill pad : -

but, tho they poison(ed) our drinking water, they failed to drive us
out (Alma R.I.P.) ; tho they ignore(d) me, they failed to silence me ;
tho they arrest(ed) me, arrest only strengthens my position. Maybe at no
other point in human history could one man overthrow the entire social and
mental system of his fellows, without bloodshed, essentially non-violently,
with compassionate understanding , but only one such is needed.

christ-buddha of the central age-change of our species, see yous,


God being beyond all human distinctions , the relationship of God to
humans is similarly undefinable,

but the relationship of humans to God is almost certainly best
experienced by humans as an i-thou love affair

- for which human goodness is an absolute pre-requisite. i'm sure
both Pope and Dalai Lama will agree, let alone Rowan Williams.

huuugh, savages!

huuuugh, what a lot of savages we were !!

like all teachers...

like all knowing teachers , i say : "live in the
now......all else is but shadow-living, however up or down the spirits." -
not that i imagine the individual has any choice.... but for all the
moment is coming....see you then ....

Friday, June 2

change-over :arts of war to arts of peace


Q. are you (art thou, am i , is he ) the christ ?

A. in your understanding, your vocabulary, maybe i come to fill that
hole - one you hardly any more expected to see filled. (tho many did
hold these to be the last days, and terminal words like apocalypse were in
everyday use - blasphemously , i suppose , - "ducking out ". )

as your christ, i have to blow your minds completely, fulfil and
explode and re-educate - for which i give myself 12 months, once
pageant asphodel takes the road , and strictly while neither using nor
permitting human coercion of humans, in peace, compulsory non-violence if need
be where violence threatens.

consult my website, and let's give it a go, shall we ? abandon
the arts of war, and apply ourselves to the arts of peace ? it's the
best thing ever.

no interviews !

for the record, before we begin , i do not give interviews, i engage in
conversations, possibly debates , as privately and discreetly as possible
with whoever represents an interest as i travel round, this next 12 months.
after that i disappear from public view till death do us part. ok ?
mutuality. you give, i give, i give, you give we know each other
better. each reports whatever. indiscretion leads to change of trust.
etc in public i am often represented by family or old friends, who tell
their tales. i want to enjoy every minute of it, of my life, even the
eventual close. ok @ " set a good example "

"here to stay" !!!!


Get real , Victor , read my blogsite now , and you ' ll catch up
with the oldie market-leaders , even finding yourself there. those
youngsters just need an equal share in power, that's all. my obolworld gives
them this. real play is better than fiction, you know. let me know
when you get there.

no choice

ye have no choice, ye will convert now to obolworld , your entrance to the
paradisal state of our species in its/our severely suffering paradisal
home. gaia, the body of life on earth, personified, and very possibly
having a common unified intelligence at layers of the brain too deep for our
binary wits to investigate, the spirit of life on earth, has made a great
sacrifice to educate us, the only location of binary intelligence at its
most extreme possible development on this planet, in this solar system,
and for all we know (almost nothing ) in this cosmos, whose "position in
any greater extra-cosmic scheme of things " is a question we can as a
species ask but not answer.

ye never had any choice. it was an illusion ye were reluctant to give up,
since your entire culture depended on it. now ye know better.

ye have my website to give you food for thought, operate "no violence !"
in heart and mind, in life and thought, together and apart, enforceable
if need there be (like no other idea or agreement : only peace may if
necessary be enforced ) . stage and join the pageant i have devised for us
all , starting in baltinglass as soon as ye call me, progressing round the
world - ONLY IF YE STAGE IT VOLUNTARILY - no enforcement by man on man,
ye see, we do it because we do it AND IT IS GOOD AND SEEMS SO IN OUR
PARADISE above all, babies and mothers, and a loving decent society
around them, not the vice and degradation our media both are and
report..........ok ? i wait.
hugh of knockandarragh,
deputising if you like for obol
who is your christ, not mine.
see you
old hugh

a yob's world

ours has become a yobs' world, our leaders are yobs, our criminals
are yobs, consider the german brothels for the football fans ! i
denounce yobhood . i institute a different world . ye have no choice.

Fw: "put away blame and shame" (bhagavadgita)


Katherine Barlow (letters today 31 may) believes God to be good,
not evil, appearing ignorant of the universally agreed logic that , if
God exists meaningfully , God must be beyond all binary divisions of
human thought. I myself, in my limited turn, believe our species at one
and the same time to be (now as i type) both at breakdown point - all
divisions being of the 50:50 , mirror-image sort in final analysis - and on
the point of re-formation. This re-formation would represent our mature
stage as a species : union , in our own individual psyches, in our
mutual relationships , in our common understanding (after a long and often dreadful learning curve) both of how to cohabit optimally and of how
to cooperate optimally to help heal this wonderful planet our present
disunity is further imperilling.

Sir, if you grasp the import of my gnomic words, may i say that i appreciate how much better you trained professionals in your prime could express it - and i sincerely wish the day when you do. i'm 80 and , like others, struggling - to leave a better world for my children and grandchildren than the one i lived through.

hugh sacker (at different times pupil at christ's hospital ,
soldier in the royal signals , scholar and fellow of caius, cambridge, and
professor of german at trinity college dublin), knockandarragh, donard, co

the paradisal vision

the paradisal vision is of course seeing the world around us as a
perfect part of a perfect whole , infinitely rewarding contemplation ,
infinitely rewarding our trivial activities , all "worldly" anxieties
and cares ( which come with partial vision ) vanished and never recurring
- for this vision holds , and is shared by the other humans we meet :
and in unison we inhabit this cosmic temple of wisdom on the skin of a
wondrously alive planet (asphodel) .