Thursday, August 17


Sun, 6 Aug 2006

marianne mcdonald you do not reply, so you try my discretion. i know too much. (in-)finitely too much. in 24 hours i shall publish my version of THE LACKAWANNA STORY , unless you come clean about it first. i relent only on understanding. no one on earth can stop me in my work of redemption this is the redemption of the species in very logic and experience early stages of going global ok ? it's different from expectation earller REALITY . sign on, redirect all energies this is reality the literal transformation of our species,,,,centre stage once accepted, it's soothing, before it's ever-increasing anxiety.i'm trel;ling you cos i know i doon't make it i play a role, central for the next 12 months
love to have you on board
not my decision
lots of love either way
love reality
worship and serve reality
xx hugh


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