Wednesday, March 8

sixth sense?

yes, i do mean something like we have outdone ourselves and lost what we had on the day, though i would describe it as natural goodness, the habit of living together and in harmony with our environment, simply, etc, rather than a sixth sense.

perhaps 35 years ago i spent 12 days in a trobriand village, which was
idyllic and proved to me that humans can live idyllically. peace from
outsiders was at that time guaranteed for them by "us" (it's been given
away since), but had previously been managed by sociable exchanges with
neighbours (see the first professional social anthropologist G. Malinowski,
Argonauts of the South Seas, 1920s). i was like a weird ape to them (as
elsewhere in my travels), and was given an open central store-hut to sleep
in. the odd thing was., if i wanted in the afternoon, say, to lie down, as
i went to my hut, they all ceased to notice me...until i stirred again,
showed uncertainty as to what to do. then seemingly any one of them would
notice , come across and draw me back into society. i was utterly
conspicuous and totally unembarrassed. always. (well, i have stories,
but...) they were the same with children, never a trouble in any way. when
i left, i wept, it was like leaving the womb again, and i thought, if i
ever get cancer, i'd wish to return here to die.

but, well adjusted like they were, they'd nevver probe to discover the
secrets of IT ALL. Only people out of harmony would/could do that. Now
it's time (and i believe opportunity) to return to that harmony. we need
the IDEA, the realisation of how it would make sense of IT ALL - for us -
and guide-lines of how to behave, and some project for the change-over.
Those are the sort of things i've been working on for 28+ years.

as i see it, we would then realise we actually have always been doing what
we had to do to fulfil the cosmic conception we have....being ourselves the
intelligent caretakers of this extraordinary planet, understanding ever
more pefectly both how it all works and what a wonder it is.......more
marvellous than anything anyone has ever conceived, heaven on earth. (it
doesn't prove or disprove "intelligent design", but it reveals design with
intelligence located in our heads)

Just at the moment the "world" as it is presses on this family here,
squeezing get blood out of a stone? Odd that at the same moment i
should be articulating to, and with, you the "solution" to all such
problems - but i doubt whether anyone free of such experience could
understand... thank you for being there


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