Thursday, March 2

ending fear

in the individual case, compassion removes fear: this seems to require the compassionate to lose her/his self in the prison of the fear-filled.....a brave thing to does not wish it....but it is liable to happen (but institutionally verboten). then both are trapped, it is frightening, for the compassionate, though togetherness registers) but the compassionate mind is only visiting that cell, and discovers the door is open....eventually (there is an interval, in my limited experience) both are free. love wins out.
i suspect there is no other way, but it could catch on, like an epidemic....especially if (as has never yet been the case) a prospect opens of general peace & sanity, etc.
religions have perhaps always had pll lg ic at heart, but circumstances have led to the tribes concerned vitiating them, leaving the divided faiths we know. but pll lg ic is hopefully species-wide (i have travelled with all sorts)


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