Wednesday, March 8


do you think "she", whoever, knows what she is doing ? i have surmised
(boldly) that she does whatever and that it hangs together, but that she may
only know - in the sense we use the word - in the heads of humans in
their mature stage. it is still her knowledge. "the cosmos understands
itself in us" does not imply it's our doing. i also surmise that we may be
better equipped to deal with the problem of reciprocity , between in us and
beyond , after we are mature. our linguistic usage forces a gender
distinction on us -it/he/she - though not with thou/you - (the plural form
of address originated with hierarchic distinction, and like sitting on
chairs, lying in raised beds, has become general in english as we know it,
and we are all "apart" from one another, differing even in how to talk of

there is also the problem of engaging the minds of others "alternatively":
one has to engage them where they are - and by deduction we ourselves only
engage where we are ... but the aspiration of all somewhere other than the
prevailing confusion and hubris is real, and crucial for me.


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