Wednesday, May 10


i imagine the video on cloverhill as a world show-piece for how each
other site has to adjust while suffering no disruption.

on the appointed day for ALL CHANGE all prisoners will be held under different law : they cannot get out except with the agreement of all inside the walls, and the ready welcome from those outside and a non-enforceable agreement to let the world know how it goes with them...... staff at that moment however will all be volunteers, agreeing freely to take this role in the age change, the systemic change now happening on this planet. for instance there will be some or many prison officers who have family obligations and should not volunteer, etc. but once inside at that fatal moment, they too cannot escape except with the agreement of all inside and a ready welcome from those out. all are confined together. SUPPLIES WILL CONTINUE MUCH AS BEFORE. no violence is the first necessity....any who cannot contain it, must be optimally restrained, and tended, while we others get on with understanding one another and the systemic change we are undergoing. those in constraint occupy us crucially, since without their free agreement, not one person (unless seriously ill...) can get out...........and then as we begin to exchange with those outside, others will visit, for the experience....and the cameras will have followed, presented, and recorded it all

do you want a better solution ? if so, let's talk it through. together
together ?

why the hell do you guys and dolls stay away ???? inevitably losing your
turn, as some new hope enters my field 0f operation,,,, e.g.sister
cecilia (i think) in cloverhill, C2 10 where my true friends Igor and
Nosa are perhaps still languishing, hearing nothing of my triumph in my
home area (believe me, or check for your selves....)


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