Friday, May 5

wedns morning


what i am claiming
is to be a one-off
in the history of our species
- what the ancient greeks
called an idiot - one of a
kind, a unique unit -
therefore (and for
no other reason) considered
insane without investigation.
- for investigation would - and WILL now or later
discover in me the pivot around whom our
species transforms into
our unified, integrated,
mature, sapient, loving stage.
it is all stored on my website,
and in my house. do with
my body what ye will.

i respect nothing
they respect

in practise they

power, & money,
social success,
- the "good things
of life"
that go with these
"things" (power/money/status)

as operatives of a power/
money/status system, i can't
expect THEM to have a
pigeon-hole for me which
allows them to CONTINUE

if they recognise me,
the system blows up

if they... allow for
the... possibility that
"i'm me" (he's HIM"!!),

then they are

struck dumb,
like Zacharias in
the first chapter of Luke

because thou
believest not
my words,
which shall
be fulfilled
in due season
- Luke v. 20


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