Wednesday, May 3

the shriving baltinglass 3rd may

is it by thy order, judge, that these gardai eject christ in person from
this court, and keep him out ?

i am he

he is i


c/o hugh of knockandarragh

i bring a new heaven and a new earth

intro on web as ye know

i travel round

and ye chat about it with me

one year

staged as pageant asphodel

now i leave this court freely

thank you

with my son

freely this time ????

no sour after-taste ??

god forgive you people.

i will not till ye realise your sin

matthew 22 i think, "one of them had an itchy rash ..." so the
attendants at the ceremony were not the knowledgable, but the ignorant ,
who had a great time so long as essentially innocent ... a sneaky
mercenary journalist who got in with the crowd was ejected with permanent

as ever

judge of judges


impartial as well as compassionate


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