Wednesday, May 3

the system owes me

now, you see, Rosita, i reckon the court system of this country, like the
population, is in my debt, owes me, if you see what i mean. the
population poisoned my family water supply as Stephen was born, there has
been no apology, no recompense. the courts, assuming the worst, gaoled
me for the judge's own error, and though he was ever after courteous with
me, he never apologised - OR MADE IT GOOD TO MY WIFE AND YOUNG FAMILY.

the courts of this country , and the peoples of this country (and others),
owe me and alma's children for her premature death. i told all and sundry
so after she died. Catherine and Sue Minet will remember.

with her death i lost all compunction in dealing with my fellows. it is
written in the stars that ye will either join obolworld, or languish and
die unshriven. i do not know in advance what will happen at any moment in
the future, i have never imagined i did. that is the fun of it.

but i assure you, my family, friends, and acquaintance, that i am the living
christ, and you will either join me or cease to count. amen


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