Wednesday, May 10

bin Laden

if we westerners are hateful to bin Laden, then we should invite him to
tell us why , in absolute peace and hope of reconciliation....not make war
on him, thus giving him every reason to hate on, and huge support.
together we humans can have peace and reconciliation on this planet here and
now, divided we cannot. in peace we can, at war we cannot. it happens
that i can help my fellows understand how to change from war to peace, to
live with the arts pf peace, not those of war, and it happens that this
is a suitable and logical time for this change in our social behaviour,
etc. i can solve the iraq problem, too in fact all problems, but only
with cooperation. non-coercive, voluntary cooperation. only violence has
to be ruled out by all parties seeking a new peaceful life on earth. can
we now as a species agree to pay that price ?


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