Wednesday, May 10


AVATAR is a recognised name for a number of outstanding individuals, who
impress not by their power or wealth or sexiness, etc, but by their practical and wise spirituality. thus gautama, a buddha, thus krishna, thus mahomet........thus jesus of nazareth, the jewish avatar, distinguished by the monotheism of his tribe and their leaders' conniving with the occupying power to get him crucified. his followers, a break-away group of immense historical importance, consequently preached his exclusivity, causing immense social rifts and bloodshed, which continue to this day. in my opinion for a sect to worship their particular human inspiration as uniquely divine is idolatry, and logically the cause of great dissension.

as i understand it, and i seek to support my interpretation in public
debate (in principle with every one on earth, but alas i am just one old
man, so you have to arrange my trial the best and most inclusive way
possible) : i now come to lead us all , all who follow that is, into
the sapient paradise of our species, here on this planet , our blessed

yesterday evening i set forth my wares for less than one hour on a video
brought without such intent by Libby's friend Glenn, a family friend
really. he asked me, if i claimed to be christ, what i understood by
"CHRIST", so after a pause, i held forth, for the first time ever
attempting such a definition. the words above follow this morning.


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