Tuesday, May 23

switching over

o f c o u r s e "everyone" agrees that hugh should be heard ,
"just not t h i s way" , - and the trouble is : everyone feels the same.
that's why it has to be "local a n d global" , all at once.
when the time is ripe, all factors at every level set, pageant asphodel will unfold like a dream. like a mandala, to those who understand that.
living .
in life .
a centre point.
ever changing .
rippling out the past into the future
out the surround
back into the surround.
an all-changing transforming messianic moment. bubbling unceasingly
like a spring just appearing
a well of eternal life here,
geographically centred in a broad glen to the south-west of the dublin/wicklow
mountains named after a local chieftain of the 6th/7th century,
"obol's glen" , with many holy springs alas contaminated by recent filthy practices of our deranged species. here hugh and family, but not alma,
survived nearly 29 long years of non-recognition ,
but even that had its positive side............when the talking did


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