Saturday, May 13


i had a small accident in a car-park, and drove away, knowing the security
guard knew my car number. Later a state guard (police officer) called,
checked it out, visited the other party, returned - and told me, if i
paid the damages (705 euros), he would be content, but if i would not pay
up, he'd prosecute. Short of cash, and preferring always to align myself
with the losers , not the winners, i declined to pay, and there have been
interesting consequences, some of which i detail here.

1. although i have been claiming to be christ returned to
finish the job for some 28 years, only now do they headline that in the
local paper, and only now am i the subject of gossip, ribaldry,
admiration, avoidance etc publicly in my home area.

2. i have spent 2 days in cloverhill prison, where i was
put in the non-national wing, and had a wonderfully interesting and
enjoyable time....i wanted to stay longer, and hope to return , if i fail
to trigger global systemic change before.

3. i have experienced the workings of the law at first hand,
in this rapidly changing and temporarily materially booming country, and
hold the considered opinion that "the law " is a vast, elaborate and
expensive facade, doing practically no good at all, except buying time for
the stupid, self-righteous, controlling , and ever so smart ruling
factions on earth today - factions whose beliefs and practices are
destroying both humanity and our essential environment in a desperate bid
to line their own nests -at any cost they can get away with for the moment.

4. my family, while hoping i will "get away with it", and
that they will not meanwhile suffer further from their errant elder's
rebellious stand, continue much as before, - and we have sufficient
money and good friends to hope so - and the weather is glorious and the
furze (gorse) and other wild flowering shrubs, budding trees and hedgerow
flowers are more brilliant in their natural glory than i have ever known.
my four grand-children seem to be thriving, 2 here, 2 in singapore, and i
am enjoying life more and more, leaving the chores to others - as i
approach my 81st birthday (21 June). so : "god bless!" - and make your
peace with your deepest conscience, 'cause you will have to, or die
first..: the rampage of mammon is under notice.


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