Monday, May 1

my son Stephen Sacker

ref DPP 994/1/2006 ; garda commissioner P.S 257/06 25 april

my son Stephen is a bit worried - he worries - because you've raked up a
long-past case against him, to coincide with a present one against me. the
garda who brought the summons,said he'd tried to deliver it many times
before, but that cannot be true, as someone is always here, and usually
also Stephen in his shed in the yard (have you seen how he lives ??).
three and a half (or 2 1/2? i'm 80) years ago he had a bad accident in
which no one was hurt. what happened in court has yet to be agreed, but no
further summons appeared, until the other day.

Now Stephen, once a somewhat wild young lad, had a great shock with his
accident, and quietened down a lot. He does not work for money, but works
steadily helping me keep this place in order, as a family home. Come and
see : it is on welfare, and something of a show-piece. As you know, as
christ, his father does not believe in mercenary labour.. Since his
accident, Stephen has been forced to stop driving, since insurance is
prohibitively expensive for one in his situation. (No public allowance is
made him or me for living isolated in the country, away from transport, and
not sharing the ethos of our neighbours.) He even has no licence...allowed in the circs to lapse.

So what should the judge do ? Stephen's is a model case... of learning
from a mistake. i tell him not to worry, but the idiocy of the hide-bound bureaucratic hands-off system disturbs him. are you pleased ???? -------no one
checks up on us, or ever has...not even when the kids never attended
school....nothing will get the officials to check on us as we are........WHEN WHEN oh WHEN will that happen ? today ?

as ever hugh /obol the living saviour of our species and its environment
, due to represent himself in baltinglass 3rd may....see you all there ?


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