Saturday, April 29

Fw: sherlock holmes and jonathan steele


today's guardianp.37, beware the hypocrisy of international alliances. "
serious changes in the way powerful states conduct themselves will not
happen quickly" (j.steele)

with respect, that assumes we do not reconsider basic principles and
strategy. as sherlock is said to have held :" when all else fails,
reconsider what you ruled out to begin with" (the sage Lao Tzu said
something similar "when in a muddle, go back to the beginning, and
move carefully the other way")

so i have sketched in the other way we as people in the world might
conduct our affairs in future. much is on my neglected web-site , but i am also in correspendence with
the irish DPP (file 994/1/2006) and the irish Garda Commissioner (file
P.S. 257/06), and am expecting a public ceremony this coming wednesday
11.30 3rd may in my local country town of Baltinglass. the chains which
bind us to them may be broken. no powerful states any more, HISTORY !

i will fwd you both a copy of this morning's email to the garda
commissioner's private secretay, a certain Superintendent John F


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