Saturday, April 29

in piam mem "Father Ted"

this is an ecumenical matter, if ever there was one. all faihs and non-faiths have to recognise the mental and social solution i offer, to bind us to principles that make sense and will transform us into our paradisal form, our "imago" state. to whom, you Super, and the Commissioner now refer it, i leave to you . who do you report to? Bertie? tell McDowell whaT I CALLED HIM ? my local cofi rector has lots of my stuff, and some acquaintance; i have told him to get Rowan Williams, head of his group of churches, to pilgrimage here, via Glendalough, and via Stephen Lawless's cottage on this side the Wicklow Gap, over the hills past Catherine and Ruarc above Hollywood, drop down to Ernest Mackey's in this Glen of Imaal, and the three of them to come to my gate, and
Rowan to come in for a cup of tea. he should be very relieved. his job is
desperate at the moment.

i have also sketched in a scenario for present authorities in this part of
the world, US President (well, Clinton was the last honestly elected) and
RC Pope (the present cunning chappie) to give up all power and authority at
Cranagh Castle, near Templemore - and then the Pope to retire to the
African Fathers place near Kiltegan south of this Glen. Clinton disappears
at long last from our screens. And Hillary too, thank god ! And i've
long put George Bush's retirement scene on email to all concerned. And the
US Embassy has instructions for the burning of the Residence in the Park :
a symbol of colonial power, if ever.... etc etc lots of suggestions,
needed at first to start things off ...the best i could do....if you can
improve, as you will shortly be able to, as you get the idea, good on

all for now, over to you, Super, it's a new world already. good luck


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