Saturday, April 29

new game rules, era of obol

attention john forde P.S. 257/06

basic: even our enemies love their friends. the thing is enemies and
friends, we now all love one another. none of us would do anything to harm
anyone, deliberately. we're all human beings, survivors of millennia of
development, now on the skin of this planet, together. we may play friends and enemies, but it's never serious, fun, not gain and loss. for we have a common interest : to live together as delightfully as possible, on a rare planet which has bred us, and where we are at home. if you find that boring, never mind, it will happen just the same, and your understanding will follow.

meanwhile, as at any systemic change, there's lots to interest you, and
all of us: ADJUSTMENT . as soon as people come and talk with me, we
can start. ok ? it doesn't have to be you, don't worry. it will happen
as it will happen. you are now alerted. how deeply that alert penetrates,
i cannot predict, but you will register developments. that's what you're
trained for, after all. good luck , superintendant, i wish you - and everyone of course: "all the best! !


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