Saturday, April 29

a new game on earth

attention Supt John F.Forde, file P.S. 257/06 25 april

a new set of rules, start again , together , in peace and sanity,
put everything right , no mine and thine any more , taking the morality
of the long revered jesus of nazareth (as recorded in the gospel
accounts) as our morality , taking the logic of our best researchers
into the nature of physical experience as our logic , searching together
for the optimal life on this planet where we find ourselves. fun, good clean fun.

our opportunity , our opportunity , our opportunity and no one, no one on earth , apart from members of the family living here, that is, their home you know, is in or around my home here in west wicklow this morning , friday 28th april ad2006/ eo29th , 5 days before i appear publicly in the nearby town of baltinglass to account for my disrespect for the prevailing order !!!!!!

my friends , it is easy to pity , love , forgive , understand you , but
respect ? how can a christ respect the sheeplikeness of his fellows ?
his fellows ? who is my fellow ? i stand alone . though my son Stephen
stands with me, it is not as christ that he does so, but as father and
son. though my daughters stand by me, it is not as christ that they do
so, but as daughters and dad. it is in the globalisation of such bonds
of togetherness, of u n i t y , so that our species behaves as one family
united in peace and logic and love at every juncture, that the transformation of our species consists.

as jesus says in the gospel, they all love their friends, it is the extension of that love to our enemies that makes us different. but the past 2000 years has revealed his successors as overwhelmingly untransformed. hypocrisy may be even further developed , though jesus found it and denounced it roundly in his day. you are hypocrites, my friends, you live under the same system , perpetrating the same monstrosities that he found and denounced. i come to call on you to face your selves, judge your selves, not others. meanwhile i "help" by judging you - and as ever beg forgiveness. i am but a loony old man wth vision and reason.


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