Friday, April 28

concepts like "stewardship"

concepts like "stewardship" - the familiar idea that our species should
regard our job on earth to be STEWARDSHIP of the planet, - serve as
pathways for individuals and groups to move from the divided coercive world
of our past history to the undivided volunteer world of our paradisal
consummation, here in our time, on earth, the first generation, the
transit generation, to whom the situation is NOVEL. as obolworld
operates, these concepts will be almost meaningless, too general, taken
for granted,, the bedrock of our life on earth.....on ASPHODEL as we shall
learn to refer to our planet in its/her millennial stage, though that too
may be rare.

as for the good manners that go with the millennial stage, i witnessed them
best on earth in the village of OLUVILEI in the TROBRIAND ISLES off New
Guinea , when a certain Clive Single was resident australian deputy
commissioner there. life there was paradisal, as Clive knew, all
contact with civilisation contaminating....he would have forbidden my visit
had he had the power. as it was, he kept a strict eye ....his
australian assistant may live and remember ?? or the yound dutch doctor? i
have some personal names from the village in a note-book/addresses of
huge sentimental value to me. i resolved, if i ever got terminal cancer, i
would head there. but since.....i have discovered it is my job to spread
the word globally : life here and now can be paradisal !!


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