Thursday, April 27

my conditions

my conditions (in handing myself to the media for 12 months) are: no
cares for me at all, person, children , house etc taken care of for me
for 12 months. then nothing more, no pay-off etc. but i
also want to have dinner in dublin with lauren bacall, so as to be
referred to anon "and, u no, the man who had dinner with bacall" - "of
course we always lay a spare place, u never no, but we think today he'll
be here, a quiet gig, u no" . it's a personal fancy of mine, would she ?
i'd be so pleased, and we'd have a lovely evening. maybe in l'ecrivain
where my daughter Liberty waitressed for a year or two (but dislikes the
memory ....)

now, you in rte would have to negotiate that for me, in return for my
trusting you wth my main household tv , we have worked with rte in the
past, and we liked it.


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