Thursday, April 27

rotten veg supply, please!

please supply ample rotten tomatoes or substitute to baltinglass ceremony
starting 11.30 am wed 3rd may, for those who want to to pelt me with
no damage, no penalty. i am scheduled to walk the gauntlet from police
car to judge, betwen lines of well- and ill-wishers. only if freely
allowed to pass, does the judge congratulate me, and surrender rights over
my person for a provisional peiod of 12 months, while i sell my wares
world-wide PAGEANT ASPHODEL as announced at that court stephen is accused of not attending. wrongly. i cancelled that court. my son rightly
followed me out of a cancelled court. no one moved to stop him.

then i turn right and enter the carriage Vanessa drives up for me. and
we travel a few ceremonial yards to the cafe down the road. pageant formally opened. coffee break. then peter tierney drives me to kali's.
i have been busy informing all parties concerned, referring them to my
blog-site for further info, and encouraging resident friends to attend as
WITNESSES who can tell the tale as they experience it. no cheating. so
do i ask you, then, represent your friends and clientele at this historic
ceremony, for the sake of the story.


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