Thursday, April 27

alma's children

i was thinking, perhaps much of the year's trip , one child with me,
varying, Impi the youngest first. laotse is china etc, kali is in
manali, stephen in jerico his name town, and then hollywood , show in
Mecca with michael jackson , and visiting littly in china. liberty in
the white house and then california (whither our boat will come...), with
entourage including i trust christine. siobhan in aras an uachtarain , and
then touring. impi drops off in east africa, in nelson mandela's company
hopefully. and i hold court on the big cruise ship, with passengers who
stay, come and go, and visitors nd visits to shore. itinerary tailored
to my previous acquaintance...revisiting old haunts.

there's so much to dicuss, and my trip begins the moment one of you comes,
preferably with video camera, from that moment go. i have put lot of
thought into it, in 12 months my thinking will be old hat, when billions
of minds latch on. i retire into (in)decent obscurity, then.


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