Monday, May 1


paranoia is a natural state for a tigress or she-wolf threatened in her
lair : frightened, aggressive, on edge. leave people like george bush
and tony blair in charge at the present juncture, and paranoia will
increase globally ("war of terror on terror"). they have to go, and that

similarly, if three young men are quietly smoking a joint or two in their
house in Athy, and the gardai come with a search warrant, and find only
that, for them then to bring those lads up before a judge like Mary Martin
can only increase the mayhem and misunderstanding in the world. Where, one
wonders, are the better placed citizens of Athy with their drug habits ??
And what gives Mary Martin the right to suppose the brain waves in heads
like hers (!!) are desirable ?? Has she not noticed that things are getting
out of control?

What, Commissioner, did the gardai think they were doing in bringing those
lads to court for quietly smoking at home?? trying to produce a world of
tobacco and alcohol users (bringing revenue to the govt), but prohibition
on the other drugs that had been around for ages, but not revenue-producing? or simply, DIVIDING SOCIETY , on the principle of DIVIDE AND RULE ?? there are ways to spread the positive use of drugs, in a sane society, and ways to spread the negative abuse , in a mad society.
You, Commissioner, and you Director of public prosecutions, and you Chief
clerk of the district court in Carlow, you are all on the wrong track.
and you MUST ENTER DISCUSSION NOW . you have no option.

hugh sacker of knockandarragh, aka obol, the guide and teacher of his
species at this time, and as i wrote to mary martin "judge of judges".

you see, those courts do not allow open two-way discussion. If they did,
with me around, peace and sanity would prevail....indeed will - now ? -
prevail. For i cannot be shut up.. And my experience is vast, and my
intelligence up to it.


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