Monday, May 1

garda manners


it seems to me a good idea for all gardai to carry a number of personal I.D.
cards, giving name and address of garda station and home address , phone
etc. IF a particular would-be garda fears for his home in such
circumstances (transparency), then he should not leave it. voluntary
service of the planet involves caring for one's patch, before other
venturing. when not needed at home, a man may venture , more or less like
a fictional knight of old, seeking to help keep the peace and help the
needy. or for other purposes compatible with obol's guide-lines and their

that is a garda in obolworld, a volunteer knight . or lady. or lady.
but probably less often, just the same. the two sexes can complement each
other, in commoner ways and in lesss common, but always complementary.

thank you thank you


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