Monday, May 1


file P.S. 257/06 25 april

i have personal security. my security is only liable to physical pain,
which i do all i can to avoid. words, body-postures, others' insecurities
do not disturb my personal security. my house has no locks. i have no
documentation of any interest to me. i live within my security, its
boundaries are clearly defined, and i hope from now on to extend them
world-wide : to travel freely round the globe, leading the PAGEANT
ASPHODEL which introduces a similar security for everyone from birth to
grave : complete security, never threatened by other human beings, for
we now know that we are all one, one species in one body of life on earth.
we have become sapient, and now wise all of a sudden. we live by obol's
guide-lines peace, logic , and love, a ruling indivisible trinity of
abstract principles we all can agree. then in all our decisions we
always consider local and global implications, for we are all one, local
interests and global interests the same. then in our judgments -
note this, please ! - we are always impartial and compassionate. pll
lg ic and we prize peace first of all : NO COERCION ! - EXCEPT IF
NECESSARY TO PREVENT COERCION is our only absolute law, to which all
members must subscribe. those who decline are not members of obolworld.
we who are, when in a clear majority, may ignore their wishes, but should
assist their minimal survival. general acceptance will follow this


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