Tuesday, April 11

changing now

u c the earth is perishing , treated as an adventure play-ground for
spoilt adults....with ever more petty restrictions cos of the unfortunate

in healing now, the earth is a nursery for new-born, and growing children,
that THEY MAY NOT TURN OUT LIKE US - and, incidentally but crucially,
that we ourselves should be straightened out in the process of living for
this end.

obolworld is the name i give this new world, and i hereby rename our
planet ( no longer EARTH but) ASPHODEL.

arrangements exist for police to escort me to an ENTHRONEMENT ceremony in
baltinglass after Easter, but i have told Peter Tierney, who has been with
me this time, that i rather like the idea of this EASTER RISING when the
new earth/asphodel will be celebrated planet-wise.

anyone receiving this message, pleast take to heart and act. thank you
i can be contacted, but wish visitors. few enough have come so far.

hugh of knockandarraGH , AKA OBOL, donard, co wicklow 045 404049


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