Thursday, April 6

the other way

Ray, old chap, the other way, which as christ incarnate i teach (and
practise as far as compatible with engaging you chaps in dialogue),, when
there is an accident - and accidents happen even in the sapient earthly
paradise of obolworld which i am propagating - anyone involved and with
time considers if (s)he should concern her/him-self with it - in
consideration of other calls on time/energy etc. no one thinks of blame,
money or p o w e r , they do not feature as entities in obolworld.

and Ray what is not needed as an entity should be discarded .... that is
OCKAM'S RAZOR entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem, a law of
reasoning which is vital if one is to have any hope of making sense of the
data (sense data in the fist place : what lies behind them is a question
only humans to our knowledge can answer, and that ability is dependent on
the brilliand medieval thinker with whom, in a sense, modern science began.

so we now enter obolworld, all of us. i have cancelled today's court in
baltinglass as such coercive tribunals , laying or not laying blame, do
not occur in my world

and, Ray, MY WORLD NOW REIGNS ON EARTH, believe me hugh of
knockandarragh, known also as obol. i shall be visiting my daughter Kali
around midday in TINORAN just outside baltinglass, where she is
single-handed coping with 2 small grandchildren of mine. send guards to
arrest me if you dare. send guards to assist me if you can : their duty in
obolworld is clear : to keep the peace and help the needy. i do not
oppose greater force with lesser. that does not happen in obolworld. in
obolworld all disputes are equally defended, to ensure fair play. and not
fought out would destroy everyone (2 equal sides to every

my messiah-ship now splits your world asunder, Ray - or not as the case
may be.
see you,
christ-buddha obol


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