Thursday, April 27

rendering account : Athy court this morning25 april eo29th

hi john, you asked for back a/c, yesterday, and i replied first thing that
i have no time, look at my website. then out of the blue 2 gardai (irish
police) arrived asking for stephen, they had an arrest warrant to deliver
him to athy court soonest. while stephen tidies up, i chatted to them (pat
culloden of baltinglass, and a lady who did not speak to my knowledge, but
took it all in), and agreed to get the case deferred to 3rd may in
baltinglass, along with mine. but the lady judge was having no nonsense
with anyone today (she took it on herself to lecture cannabis users, who
know far more about it than she does, let alone me, in the court and with
35 years constant irregular use of the drug, which indeed has been vital,
crucial in enabling me to outwit them....), and insisted stephen was to
produce 200 euros bail on the spot or remain in custody.

we 3 debaTED OUTSIDE, NONE OF US, NEITHER FATHER NOR SON, CAUGHT UNAWARES,NOR GUARD - ADMITTING HE HADN'T EXPECTED THIS - HAD 200 EUROS ON HIM. STEPHEN HAD A BANK CARD , AND THE FAMILY SAVINGS FOR A NEW WASHING MACHINE (OVERDUE). so stephen stayed in the courthouse, while pat and i repaired with stephen's card and pin number, to the bank dispenser across the market square (in full swing, interesting at any other time), where he operated the machine (i haven't learnt how, at 80, i've refused to continue learning new tricks just to keep up with the lunatics driving us to our deaths), and i collected card and notes and returned same to stephen. then the judge made us wait endlessly, no, not quite, the bitch - waIT TILL I EVER MEET HER IN THE FLESH, SHE'D BETTER FLEE ME - I TELL YOU NOW --TO HEAR AND WITNESS ANY JUDGE BEHAVE WITH THE LACK OF UNDERSTANDING OF THAT JUDGE FOR THOSE IN THE DOCK BEFORE HER. no understanding. no impartiality. no compassion.
my verdict on her (and i do not ever want to know her name or hear of or

eventually stephen and i drive back, and have a smoke (me, he doesn't,
and doesn't approve my smoking). we are great pals, stephen and i. look
out, anyone who lays hands on my son. i am christ re-incarnate, feeling
my oats. BEWARE all ye backsliders, and compromisers, i know how ye
stood by and allowed the crucifixion of jesus (in the story, ok?). ye
think ye will watch me fail, too. ye watched alma die. beware the wrath
of a righteous christ on the unshriven.



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