Thursday, April 27

impi's 19th birthday : downsizing

i haven't got time , john, to fill you in - the web-site needs scholarly
loving examination; then pertinent questions might strike a helpful note.

today is impi's 19th, and obol says : "every thing is a gift in obolworld".

it's such a joy not to possess or earn/deserve etc. people don't realise
that accepting all happenings are all automatic leaves us playing games of
relationship we took seriously before. it doesn't wreck life, but turn it
from tragedy to comedy....with the sapient paradise a reality, every moment
of our lives. possessions from the past are lumber one has to share
before full equality and its divine bliss. even that is fun. good luck !

people are either present in baltinglass on wednesday 3rd, or absent, as
with any other occasion. but this is the pivot round which global society
turns. see you when the ship reaches NSW, if not before, o unbelievers.


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