Sunday, April 23

gospel prediction

the gospels (unreliable as to historical content, but influential for 2
millennia as sacred truth) predict that false messiahs will be abundant
(indian and korean i.a.) , that the world will be in a terrible and
possibly terminal state (as we all recognise today), and that the news of
the real christ will flash across the sky like a lightning streak, while
the vultures gather at the scene (media 3rd may baltinglass). the
dismaying details of the first christ (in our traDITION ANYWAY) took his
contemporaries by surprise, as the dismaying details of the second
appearance in my particular living carcase seems to take my contemporaries.

(having been a friend of hugh montefiore as young fellows of caius college,
cambridge, i wrote to him when he was bishop of birmingham, my home town
as a child, with relatives still there, saying i am your man, and he
replied referring to the streak of lightning, and details from prediction
seemingly not fulfilled by me........come on now, guys, if you,d
recognised me earlier, it would not be where it is today.....still to as i propose, 3rd may in baltinglass.........just prepare
OUR FREEWILL IS AN ILLUSION,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,we'll see, but my children
would greatly appreciate a friendly visit, lightening the atmosphere here
in alma's family's home. i require extreme respect for our attachment
to her. she is buried in our garden. i wish to be buried near her in my
turn. even this you have not seen fit to talk with us about....though mrs
ann mary murphy in myshall chatted naturally with me about it on a visit
the other day. you see, i have friends.


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