Sunday, April 23

hold your hat!

- as the american sergeant said, back in 1943, giving me, a raw recruit in
the british army, a lift in his open jeep, from barracks somewhere near
chester to liverpool, where i was keen to see the strange new brick-gothic
cathedral, - and i needed to, as he sped off.

i'm a serious revolutionary, joe, and have been for over 28 years now,
since i openly renounced allegiance to all coercive government, and reduced
all my financial debts and credits to zero, declaring my sole interests
being, as before to rear a family outside the system, and now to introduce
a global new era of non-coercive association, for the good of everyone and
all nature. i declared my terms for the ensuing war between myself, to
some extent with dependent and still loyal immediate family, and the
prevailing systems, which i designate for brevity "the world": coercion
banned, i match any tricks played by "the world" upon me, always openly
declaring, whenever strategically sensible, my personal position. And
this personal position i gave a new name to, borrowed from a school
nick-name given me "OBOL"......THE NEW ERA THEN BEING THE EA OF OBOL, THE WORLD I INTRODUCE BEING OBOLWORLD etc (see my website, which is erratic like my outlaw family life.

now, april/may ad 2006, era of obol 29th year, i have been reasonably
charged by the police with a small hit-and-run accident last year, in
baltinglass, my local small country town, and am due to appear in court there at 11.30 wednesday 3rd may coming. for the 3rd time. i am on good terms with the court , and the local police etc. by now, but they do not know what to do with me. i refuse to defend myself on their terms, since i do not recognise them.
also i wiill not voluntarily pay fines etc, but i want absolutely to be
gaoled, and they therefore do not want to gaol me. but otherwise i am
free to break their laws- of mercenary/coercive nature - at will (as
indeed i do, illegal car etc) furthermore this is by constitution a
christian country, and i claim to be christ re-incarnate, regnant now,
introducing their ideal paradise all over the globe, - as our species,
having learnt so much the hard way, finally re-integrates in peace and
sanity, putting the past behind us. all my ideas are public, and so
far largely dis-regarded - with a full program for changing over
peacefully from one system to the other.

and it centres at the moment on the ceremony i have proposed for baltinglass
this 3rd may. but , joe, it will not happen without the oxygen of
publicity.....people know me and live with me and wish me well, but wait to
see passively and that's where i am. it is bound to happen one day,
will it be this 3rd may or another ?? will littly fly in from singapore,
or simply put this on my web-site. WHO WILL NOTICE ME FIRST ?

there is no othe question for me now. i thought i might put this to you,
who show interest, but perhaps did not realise how far i am along the road
to launching a PAGEANT 0n baltinglass as soon perhaps as 3rd may, WHICH
WILL CHANGE THE WORLD. .....well, that's the manifesto.....



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