Wednesday, April 19

religious controversy

monday 17th

Oxford's ranting atheist and blathering bishop both miss the point
(comment & opinion easter day, observer p.19): we now know, what our
predecessors did not, that the human body is an integral part of life on
earth , and that life on earth is an integral part of the cosmos, composed
apparently of sub-atomic particles and energies. so our intelligence is
the intelligence of the cosmos, located in us. it is a miracle as great as
life itself, or the cosmos itself. it exists only, in the form we know, in
that "chassis for the soul" , phrased happily by your columnist Cristina
Odone (same page).

the way forward for the species at this stage is to lose interest in fleshly indulgences (as always preached) and find common ground in devotion to understanding and loving the miracle of it all, matter and soul., body and mind, cosmic, terrestrial , spiritual., all one, appreciated at last. approaches should be as various as people's minds, from moment to moment.


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